First Swim

Hi. My name is Eric and I am the proud father of 3 awesome kids. I’m starting this blog in hopes of connecting with other families and sharing day-to-day hopes, struggles, laughs, sorrows, and anything that we do to swim through life’s waters. I’ll be here to share what my family and I go through and answer questions for anything I can help with as well as hope to learn from others’ experiences.

I am 34 years old and work in the restaurant industry as a kitchen manager for a well-known corporate chain at a location I have been employed at for the last 11 years. Times do get tough missing holidays, weekends, family gatherings, and such but it pays the bills and provides for those I love so it’s worth the sacrifice most of the time. As stated I have 3 children, (2 sons and a daughter), Avernus-13, Bleu-7, and Sophia-5. I am in a loving relationship with the mother of my daughter and hope to have her as my wife very soon. My 7-year-old son, Bleu, currently lives with us and we get to see Avernus on weekends. We are definitely not the traditional family, so to speak, but we are a family none the less and have Endless Love for each other.20160309_094154